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Contract between MISFA and CoAR

CoAR Has signed TUP project contract with Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA) on 05/Aug/2019. Targeting the Ultra-Poor Program (TUP) inParwan Province will target 1653 extreme poor household in four districts. The project beneficiaries will be provided with comprehensive package of inputs to move from object poverty towards a sustainable livelihood. 


Certificate of Membership 2019-2020


Gender Training

By: Maliha Safi |
H.R / GENDER Manager


According to the Gender Departmental Work Plan, the Assembly was held on 25-07-2019 under the title of (Gender and the Fight of Violence Against Women) in the presence of huge number of senior staff (STARS, OSDR, SIHE, GRTV).
At the beginning, program started with a few verses from Holy Quran.
Secondly Gender manger explained the program and discussed the training topics.
In the sequel, status of women and their values in Islam described and reminded of their sacrificial memories.
At the meeting, various titles were explained and a documentary were presented about fact of Afghan Women.
  1. General information about gender. And asked participant to describe gender from their own point of view.
  2. Participation of women in various dimensions in governmental and non-governmental organizations and protection of their rights
  3. Awareness of the elimination of violence against women in the work environments, universities, streets.
  4. Analysis of gender in different programs 

Communication Strategies Training

By: Mohammad Iftikhar |
Internal Auditor


In pursuance to organizational development, a goal in the Strategic Plan (2018-2022), training and consultation session has been conducted on communication strategy on July 25, 2019. Communication, internal and external, in an organization is an important mean of conveying organization's objectives to the stakeholders. Therefore all the employees of the organization are required to communicate effectively within the organization and outside the organization. In order to achieve effective communication, Mr. Iftikhar was appointed to conduct the training session. All senior staff particitpated in the training session.Purpose, objectives, lines and means that are appropriate for different audience was explained to the participants. The training participant have alse shared their views in discussion part of the training session.As a result of the discussion sessions CoAR'S management also decided to update the organization's communication strategy.

Change Management Training

By: Mohammad Basheer baheer
Program Director 


In order to cope with the current environment, organizations need to alert for the changed situation in its environment. Every organization's management is required to ready and plan for any need for change in the organization in response to the anticipated change in the environment.
CoAR's Management always tried to analyze the environment and bring changes in the organization structure or management style that best suits the new requirement of the changed environment.
To educate employees about the benefits of the change in the organization in any and every respect, CoAR's management conducted a workshop on "Change Management". Mr. Basheer Baheer was appointed to conduct the workshop. The participants included all top and medium management of CoAR.
Another objective of the workshop, besides mentioned above, was to reduce resistance from the official for any prospective change in the organization. 
Change, triggers for change, response to changed environment, resistance and type of resistance to change, how management can mitigate resistance and benefits of the change if executed successfully was the main topics of the workshop.

Projects Progress Report


Province - Kandahar
Thematic area – Education
Project- Education Can’t Wait – Multi Year Program
Date      1/05/2019

  • Education Can’t Wait is a Multi-Year Program for the Out of School Children in least developed countries, and Afghanistan is one of them that succeed to have the ECW – MYP fund, and CAR being the member of Afghanistan Consortium for Community-Based Education and Learning (ACCEL) Consortium is implementing this program in six district Kandahar province by providing the Education facilities to 12566 Out of School Children.
  • In overall the project aims to provide 63,016 out-of-school children with safe and equitable access to education in 2,101 pre-primary and primary learning spaces through the ACCEL Consortium members in 6 Provinces. This will be achieved through the Community-Based Education (CBE) model, incorporating Community-Based Schools (CBSs) (grades 1-3), Accelerated Learning Classes (ALCs) (grades:1-6), preschools and catch-up classes. Additionally, distance-learning will be tested through a year-one feasibility study, with a pilot planned in the second year. Especial focus will be given to girls’ enrolment. The transition of students from CBEs to formal government schools will be supported through school improvement plans, hub-school teacher training, information system development and advocacy to increase hub-school resourcing.
  • Goal: Improved learning and well-being of children affected by the crisis in Nangahar, Helmand, Kunduz, Kandahar Paktika & Badghis Provinces through access to quality, inclusive, gender sensitive and sustainable Education
  • Overall Intended Impact: Improved learning and well-being of emergency-affected girls and boys in Afghanistan


In 2018, CoAR reached 40,922 individuals via the Emergency Response, and 27,279 individuals via DRR response.  The summary of the projects implemented in 2018 under this sector is tabulated as bellow;
-Supporting IDPs, Returnees and Vulnerable Host Communities to meet their emergency needs through Emergency Shelter and NFI needs in Helmand, and Nangarhar Provinces and through pre-positioning of NFIs in Uruzgan provinces of Afghanistan, The overall goal of the project was to provide life-saving assistance and to improve the wellbeing of IDPs, returnees, and their host communities in hard to reach districts of Helmand and Nangarhar provinces through the distribution of quality tents as emergency shelter and NFIs and pre-positioning of NFIs ensuring emergency preparedness among partners of the ES/NFI Cluster in Uruzgan Province. The project responded to 12,600 individuals.
-Supporting drought affected host communities and IDPs to meet their emergency Food and WASH needs in Kandahar and Helmand Provinces of Afghanistan through immediate cash transfer modality and WASH interventions, the overall objective of this project was to save lives and bring relative resilience in living condition of drought affected vulnerable host communities and IDPs in target districts of Kandahar and Helmand provinces, through meeting their basic Food and WASH needs. The project responded to total 84,112 individuals.
-Supporting new and prolonged IDPs to meet their emergency food, WASH and Education needs in Kandahar and Takhar Provinces of Afghanistan through immediate cash transfer modality, WASH interventions and establishment of children Temporary Learning Space (TLS). The project responded to total 25,817 individuals.
-Integrated Community based disaster risk reduction for Rural Livelihood and Agriculture development with the main objective of Enabling communities to preserve, create, manage and enhance productivity of their assets through knowledge transformation and DRR skill/ techniques development.
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