This is the optimistic story of IDP Girl named “Breshna” who is 7 years old, the girl who is breathing with extreme poverty. rfgBreshna says before joining the class here I was really fond of study and going to school, mostly every early morning I waked up and was going to bring water from pond, I always noticed some girls with white scarf on my way in Jalalabad then I thought with myself that hope I could have the same chance to have white scarf and have bag of school to study and have that white scarf girls as my friends and fellow, and it was my routine desire, after sometimes due to some family issue, we shifted to Surobi, after spending sometimes in Surobi one day I saw the few men gathered in the Masjid and have notebooks in their hands, and my father was there with them too, when my father came home I asked my father what was happening there, my father smiled and said they were surveyors and wanted to make classes for children of people like us they need our kids to study, and then my father asked me do you want to go that classes for study? , I was like shocked and told my father that will I have the white scarf and bags full of notebooks and books? then my father said yes , and told me do you remember your wish once you had ? “as one day in Eid days I request my father that please I want black clothes my father got mad on me and said everyone is wearing colorful clothes why you want black color for clothes, then I told my father that I like the other girls wearing the black clothes at school so I will show my friends that I also have black clothes and I’m a student and then they will start talking to me” with remembering this my wish and heard that news I could not sleep every second I had daydreaming of that bag full of notebooks and books and just counted the hours that when that people who surveyed will make classrooms and when I find the chance to join other girls to study, until the time came, that My father enrolled me in school and once again I asked my father will you buy for me the black clothes? He answered yes.
I went to school at the same morning, I was happy and I run so fast on the school way, after few days, school give notebooks, pens for me and for my classmates. Now I’m really happy with my classmates with my teacher, he is really kind man he teaches us really good lessons I really enjoy every second of my time at my class, and it’s my wish to learn more and study more, I will endure my lessons till university, to be came a strong teacher and help other children like me.


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