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Human Resource Department

Code of Conduct & Policies


• COAR strives for creating conducive work environment by maintaining mutual relationships with all employees.

• COAR also respects individual rights, and treat all employees with courtesy and consideration. Equally, it also expects from all employees to promote an atmosphere in keeping view with COAR’s vision, mission and goals.

Code of Conduct

• COAR work is guided fully by its vision and mission, and always strives best to meet its goals and objectives set forth. To attain this COAR may assign any task to concerned staff at any time deemed necessary. It is therefore staff’s responsibility to complete the job at the specified time frame. In case of problem, staff is always encouraged to discuss with his/her line manager. Line Manager, within official means, will do best possible to sort out the issue. If the staffs has some personal differences with line manager then s/he can also put his/her grievances to second level higher authority.

• While serving with COAR all employees are required to observe standards of personal conduct and job performance at all times. Violation of COAR polices/rules or other illegal or improper acts or practices by any employee is strictly prohibited and may result to any action including immediate dismissal. COAR has set the following standard of conduct which all staff must follow. This list is not all inclusive, but is expected to illustrate the types of conduct, if failed to abide by, may result in disciplinary action or dismissal.

To Do:

• Show commitment towards the vision and mission of the organization.

• Feel duty as to safeguard organization’s and donor’s properties.

• Show due respect to her/his line manager and work under the authority and guidance of line manager.

• Meet the minimum performance standard acceptable to the organization

• Cooperate with all staff of the organization and stakeholders.

• Maintain full honesty with the organization and its stakeholders concerned.

• Always Follow up the Humanitarian Principles for humanitarian Assistance (Humanity , Neutrality , Impartiality and Operational Independence )

• Respect to all employees including lower staff / services staff )

• Taking in Consideration do not harm Concept.

• Taking in account Human right, Children right and Women Rights.

• Using the organization resources including his/her working formal time effectively.

• Be accountable to the Administration of the organization beneficiaries, Government and Donors.

• Be able to work with a team.

• Respect to Afghanistan Constitutions, IHL and other International Convention and Related Humanitarian Assistance.


Not to Do:

• No influence in daily performance and decisions based on any political biases.

• Not abuse her/his authority in any circumstances.

• Not accept any gifts, gratuities or money or other favours from anyone COAR conducts activities with.

• Not criticize organization’s rules and regulations in public.

• Not violate organizations and the stakeholder’s confidentiality even after retirement.

• Not involve in any destructive or illegal activities.

• Not absent from work without prior approval.

• No Smoking and Drinking with in the Office.

• No Involvement in Illegal activities.

• No Act Against of Afghan Constitutions.

• No Misbehaviours with other Employee of the Organization.

I have reviewed, understand, and agree to comply with the above Code of Conduct of Organization.

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