A Strategic Plan is one of the important management tools as it provides a road map for how to achieve an organization‘s objective. It is a mechanism that helps management optimize the resource allocation to different sectors and tasks. It helps focus organizational resources in the same direction as to achieve the overall objective. Strategic plan spells out the destination of the organization over a specific period of time, and define how the organization well get there. It defines the objectives to be achieved with the available resources over a specific period of time.
Coordination of Afghan Relief (COAR) developed its current strategy in 2012. The plan has enabled COAR to develop and work towards its objectives in line with its vision and mission statements, thereby laying the foundation for this strategic plan. COAR has largely achieved its objective set out in the previous five years plan and has thereby learned many new lessons. Recent changes in Afghanistan’s socio-political environment provide civil society organizations (CSOs) a wide range of opportunities for organizational growth, but has also introduced a number of challenges previously not faced by CSOs. Societal changes and more educated youth open up for increased attention to the needs of and larger involvement of women and girls in emergency and development projects, an opportunity COAR is well placed to capitalize on...
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