Citizens' Organization for Advocacy & Resilience  - COAR is an Afghan, independent, non-political, non-sectarian, non-for profit organization established in 1989 in response to the needs of delivering humanitarian assistance to Afghans during prevailing conflicting context of Afghanistan. In spite prevailed tense situation in country, COAR has developed a long-term strategy of delivering humanitarian aids to Afghans although existing many funding challenges. During different period of outstanding internal conflict, COAR has maintained the access of beneficiaries to basic services with using the main humanitarian principles of Independence, Neutrality and Impartiality in practice. COAR is register with Ministry of Economy as legal entity and other sector authorities such as the Ministry of Women Affairs, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher education the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock and etc.

Initially COAR was operating as cross-border organization providing emergency relief in both sides Afghans in Pakistan and Afghanistan and considered as a biggest local organization operating in Afghanistan.

With using the field tested lessons from the past, COAR has built its capacity according to the needs and added various values in term of project operation and management.

Currently COAR is widely involved in both semi-emergency and development activities such as Disaster Risk Reduction Management response, agriculture, livestock, health, infrastructural engineering, formal and informal education, vocational training, Media evaluation & monitoring, emergency shelter plus CSOs supporting programs and etc. In result of implementation of numerous projects in each sector, COAR has gained significant experiences in each field and built the capacity of its staff on each level of management.

COAR’s sector-wise intervention has been adjusted in compliance with COAR-Network Strategic plan (2012-2017).

COAR’s Vision:

A just and equitable society that embraces the rights of all people to fundamental freedom through participation and contribution in all spheres of social, cultural, economic and political life.

COAR’s Mission Statement:

To support the process of community development through various programmatic and organizational interventions leading to the creation of an enabling environment for communities to improve their living standard.

COAR’s Core Values:

COAR comply with all main core values of

  • Transparency, Accountability and Trust.
  • Leadership
  • People Centeredness
  • Dignity
  • Commitment
  • Team work
  • Tolerance
  • Fostering a Learning Environment

Decision Making Bodies:

Board of Trustees

  • Ms. Tooba -Chair of BT
  • Mr. Baz Mohammad-Member
  • Ms. Zuhra Aman -  Member
  • Ms. Zuhal Talash  -Member
  • Mr. Arianzai  - Member
  • Ms. Sohaila Noori -Member

  • Board of Management:

  • Management Committee Members ( 5 people )
  • Regional Managers( 4 persons )

  • Management Committee:  

  • Eng. Abdul Halim Halim
  • Title: Managing Director

    Education: Master in International Cooperation in Humanitarian aid (MDICHA)


  • Rahman Wali Totakhail
  • Title: Program Director

    Education: BSC - Civil Engineering


  • Mahmood Alimi
  • Title: Finance Manager

    Education: BA. – Finance and


  • Ahmad Wahid Hamdard
  • Title: Administration Manager

    Education: BSc.


  • Rafiullah Ibrahimkhail
  • Title: HR / Gender Manager

    Education: BA.

Observers :

  • Dr. Mohammed Naeem Salimee,

        Title: Founder / Senior Adviser – CoAR

        Education: Ph.D

  • Sameera Noori 
  • Mahmooda Taqwa 
  • Hashmatullah Rohani


Registration & Membership:

The COAR has been registered as legal entity with the following ministries and signed MoUs with them for implementation of relevant projects in Afghanistan. Based on COAR’s matured position and obtained experiences in each sector, we have the membership of core technical committee in each ministry and cluster coordination committees run by OCHA in each sector and regularly contribute to the process of development of strategies and planning on national level in response to the needs:

  • Ministry of Economy (‘MoEc) under registration # II
  • Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)
  • Ministry of Education (MoE)
  • Ministry of Women Affairs
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock (MAIL)
  • Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development (MRRD)

Currently, COAR has membership of number of national and international humanitarian and development coordination bodies in order to measure its progress and achievement to the existing standards in term of transparency, accountability, partnerships, project management, gender and protection mainstreaming.

COAR Active member of:

  • ACBAR: Agency Coordination Body for Afghan Relief
  • AWN: Afghan Women Network
  • ANCB: Afghan NGOs Coordination Bureau
  • ADRRN: Asian Disaster Reduction and Response network
  • HC: Huairou Commission
  • HAP: Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
  • DRRWG: Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group
  • HCT: Humanitarian country team
  • EPSWG: Emergency Sub Working Group
  • NCA: Norwegian Church Aid, as partner since 1994
  • FSAC: Food Security and Agriculture Cluster
  • WASH : Water Sanitation and Hygiene Cluster
  • CSAC: Civil Society Advisory Committee
  • CIVICUS: Civil Society Network for UNDP Global
  • WHS: World Humanitarian Summit
  • NEAR: Network for Empowered Aid Response
  • ADRRN: Asian Disaster Reduction & Response Network
  • ICVA: International Council of Voluntary Agencies
  • CSJWG: Civil Society Joint Working Group
  • OGP/A: Open Government Partnership/Afghanistan
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