A sapling planting campaign was held in Kunduz province

COAR organization launched a campaign to plant saplings in Kunduz province. The campaign stayed for three days with the coordination of the Department of Education, and 1250 saplings were planted in the center, Qala Zal, Dasht Archi, and Gul Tipa district of Kunduz province.
In this campaign, which was financed by BMZ, representatives of the COAR organization asked people to participate widely in this year's tree planting campaign and prevent pollution of their environment by planting trees. They also asked people to cooperate fully in planting and protecting trees in their areas.
In this tree planting campaign, all kinds of ornamental trees have been planted in different areas of the center of Kunduz province and the mentioned districts of this province. It should be mentioned that the COAR organization has already planted many saplings in different regions of the country to make the environment greener.

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