Change Management Training

Change Management Training

By: Mohammad Basheer baheer Program Director


In order to cope with the current environment, organizations need to alert for the changed situation in its environment. Every organization's management is required to ready and plan for any need for change in the organization in response to the anticipated change in the environment.

CoAR's Management always tried to analyze the environment and bring changes in the organization structure or management style that best suits the new requirement of the changed environment. To educate employees about the benefits of the change in the organization in any and every respect, CoAR's management conducted a workshop on "Change Management". Mr. Basheer Baheer was appointed to conduct the workshop. The participants included all top and medium management of CoAR. Another objective of the workshop, besides mentioned above, was to reduce resistance from the official for any prospective change in the organization. Change, triggers for change, response to changed environment, resistance and type of resistance to change, how management can mitigate resistance and benefits of the change if executed successfully was the main topics of the workshop.

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