Gender Training

Gender Training

By: Maliha Safi | H.R / GENDER Manager


According to the Gender Departmental Work Plan, the Assembly was held on 25-07-2019 under the title of (Gender and the Fight of Violence Against Women) in the presence of huge number of senior

staff (STARS, OSDR, SIHE, GRTV). At the beginning, program started with a few verses from Holy Quran. Secondly Gender manger explained the program and discussed the training topics. In the sequel, status of women and their values in Islam described and reminded of their sacrificial memories. At the meeting, various titles were explained and a documentary were presented about fact of Afghan Women. General information about gender. And asked participant to describe gender from their own point of view. Participation of women in various dimensions in governmental and non-governmental organizations and protection of their rights Awareness of the elimination of violence against women in the work environments, universities, streets. Analysis of gender in different programs

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