Province - Kandahar

Thematic area – Education

Project- Education Can’t Wait – Multi Year Program

Date 1/05/2019

  • Education Can’t Wait is a Multi-Year Program for the Out of School Children in least developed countries, and Afghanistan is one of them that succeed to have the ECW – MYP fund, and CAR being the member of Afghanistan Consortium for Community-Based Education andLearning (ACCEL) Consortium is implementing this program in six district Kandahar province by providing the Education facilities to 12566 Out of School Children.
  • In overall the project aims to provide 63,016 out-of-school children with safe and equitable access to education in 2,101 pre-primary and primary learning spaces through the ACCEL Consortium members in 6 Provinces. This will be achieved through the Community-Based Education (CBE) model, incorporating Community-Based Schools (CBSs) (grades 1-3), Accelerated Learning Classes (ALCs) (grades:1-6), preschools and catch-up classes. Additionally, distance-learning will be tested through a year-one feasibility study, with a pilot planned in the second year. Especial focus will be given to girls’ enrolment. The transition of students from CBEs to formal government schools will be supported through school improvement plans, hub-school teacher training, information system development and advocacy to increase hub-school resourcing.
  • Goal: Improved learning and well-being of children affected by the crisis in Nangahar, Helmand, Kunduz, Kandahar Paktika & Badghis Provinces through access to quality, inclusive, gender sensitive and sustainable Education
  • Overall Intended Impact: Improved learning and well-being of emergency-affected girls and boys in Afghanistan
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