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CoAR Annual Reports 2001-2018 Download Link:
CoAR Bi-Annual Report 2001-2018
CoAR Annual Reports 2001-2017 CoAR Bi-Annual Report:
CoAR focused and developed result based bi-annual report, thus this report includes projects’ related information implemented in 2013 and 2014, achieved results of each project, Financial accounts, Networking, Higher education program, Media/ advocacy program and summary of the results from 2010-2014.
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CoAR Bi-Annual Report (2013&2014).English

CoAR Bi-Annual Report. (2017).

 CoAR Annual Reports 2018 Download Link: 
Annual Report 2018
 COAR Annual Reports 2020 Download Link:
Annual Report 2020
 COAR Annual Report 2021  Download Link:
Annual Report 2021


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