Samina does not go to public schools

Samina never attended a public school, and when the ALP (Accelerated Learning Program) classes were established, she was enrolled in one of the ALP classes first grade of the stated program and started learning.
Samina lives in one of the remote villages of Kunduz province, Afghanistan, and that village has no public school.
Samina, who is now 14 years old, studies in the fourth grade of the ALP class in her village. She has how to read and write and is an excellent student.
She wants to continue her education and be a teacher in the future so she can support other girls who are deprived of education.
Samina appreciates the services of the COAR organization in the education sector and suggests creating more of the ALP (accelerated education Program) Classes for above 6th to 12th Because she considers it a basic need in the current status of Afghanistan.
The COAR organization provides essential services in various sectors, including the education sector, and established dozens of ALP (accelerated learning Program) Classes in several villages of Afghanistan where there are no public schools and may have geographical constraints or hard-to-reach areas. These classes provide elementary education till 6th grade, and thousands of girls are currently studying in these classes.
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