Using clean water saves lives, decreases medical expenses which finally leads to increasing incomes

Fatima, a resident of Kaman Olia village is describing a strange story as follow; you may better know that Kaman Olia village is located in inside high – Rocky Mountains with narrow pathways and access – road and due to bad geographical, its narrow ways remain close for 2 to 3 months. Whereas, the Kaman Olia village and houses located on the peak points of mountains, thus some natural open unsafe springs and a river are the only sources of water for our deprived people; most of those springs are located at mid- high or top of mountains; however, local people having no other alternative option have to fetch water with hand and on shoulders from those springs or existing river; winter season cold climate again limits the access to those springs, where people have no other options to fulfill needs yet have to get water from the same sources; particularly the victims of this burden are women and young girls getting injured and/or become disabled while carrying water to their homes. As far the majority of men are usually used to travel out of village or country for labor works earning life and family alimony; women/girls are compelled to accomplish the responsibility of taking water from those water sources; most of households having no such person to collect water from those farthest spring has to suffice and use melting snow water or use river water which comes as surface run-off ultimately causing numerous diseases.

Lack of proper sanitation facilities and use of open fields as a toilet near home and near homes is also a prominent cause of diseases spreading; non – availability of health clinics nearby, we have to take sick people to capital city «Nilli» hospital and pay extremely high medication and transportation cost for our patients’ treatment and recovery.

Poor personal and environmental hygiene and unavailability of clean drinking water results in high mortality rates in children. In 2017, CoAR provided facilities of clean drinking water and human friendly environmental hygiene. These facilities have been provided with help and support of NCA. The people in that particular region have clean drinking water and other hygiene facilities. People lives can be made better by proper dissemination of messages regarding health care measures in daily life. Community based WASH committees have been established and community members have been trained to maintain run and maintain Pipe Schemes to make the projects effectives. In short, on behalf of the community I would like to thank CoAR and NCA for the efforts they have done for us.


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