I now feel never lonely and never hopeless.

Wajidullah, a 14-year boy from Waziristan, told his untold story of life. We migrated to Khost province of Afghanistan in 2014 when Pakistan Army started indiscriminate military operation against terrorist invaded in the region, he added.

We were helpless for days and days in the Khost province. In those days I had no hope for education. After six months of our migration, NRC started primary classes in our camp which gave hope to me for better future. However, NRC closed those classes in 2016 that leave us hopeless for education. But CoAR showed us light for better future when CoAR established education classes, Wajidullah added.


Now I can say that I will complete my studies and will have good education and hence better life. At the end, I must say thanks to CoAR and UNHCR who helped us in such hard period of life.

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